Malaysian Deep Wave Curly bundles and closure : into-u hair products co LTD

So for the month of January I’ve had some awesomely looking deep wave/curly hair in. The issue is that I had to cut 3-4 inches off each bundle to have it look relatively nice. The hair bundles and closures came separately and I’m astonished at the quality difference. I’m a very picky hair buyer, especially if it’s Malaysian wave/curly hair b/c I am paying for the wave/curl pattern. I’ve tried a lot of different patterns and I know what looks good on my head. That being said, it bothers me that I have to spend a pretty penny only to have to basically revive my hair bundles. I paid 139.30 for 4 bundles ( 20, 22, 24, 26 ) and I say that is an awesome deal, seeing that I only used 2.5 bundles without looking like I have a camel hump on my head. The texture was nice and even and had a nice lustre to it. It did not look like a serum or some sort was added nor did it smell like ammonia. Now here is where I got super upset. Although the hair came neatly packaged in individual plastic bags and looked fine, the hair wasn’t all that healthy. The ends of each bundle all had some sort of damage to them ( think texture of barn hay ) so I had to cut a good 3-4 inches of of EACH BUNDLE. So my new specs were: 20 –> 17 22–> 19 24 –>20 I didn’t use the 26 More over, the bundles were all inconsistent with weight. The 22inch bundle was much thicker than the 20 inch bundle and the 24 inch bundle didn’t even feel like 2 oz which worried me. After washing and deep conditioning the hair, the bundles started to shed like it just went through chemotherapy or something. I didn’t see any “beards” on the wefts but they bundles weren’t having it as I gently washed them. So if we compare what I paid for ( $140 ) with what the quality is worth ( $100-110 ) I say I could’ve used that extra $30 on my closure or beauty products or getting the actual weave sewn in.  Needless to say, I am still working on getting a partial refund because I high doubt that I will be able to use my 26 in bundle and the quality of hair just became matted and worn out way too quickly. Even when I was gentle with it. ————————- The closure however was just beautiful! It was a nice deep wave pattern and it was SUPER soft. I wanted to run my hands through it all day really. The it was a nice sized closure too and the knots were already bleached. I can’t complain since I paid $33.50 for a 16in closure —————————– IMG_1825 IMG_1866



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