50 Shades of Pain

There have been so many memes about the Fifty Shades of Gray series recently.

My thing about the series is that, the book is filled with sex scenes and scenarios that are improperly illustrated and my brain could only fathom the type of disaster couples would get in if they did not at least google how to properly tie up someone or something.

I’m not much of a bondage/SMF/ect type of person but when something peaks my curiosity, especially if that topic becomes a media sensation, I dive head first figuring out what the big deal is. I actually had a girlfriend peruse around sex shops just to see how much the franchise had begun to infiltrate our local stores. Long behold, we’ve managed to find several stores that had sections fully dedicated to anything Fifty Shades of Gray related.

Sex is important. I personally think it’s a very important aspect of a human being’s life, whether it be for the purpose of procreating or just enjoying the natural sensation mother nature has intended us to feel.

That said, I think some people should be very aware of what they are doing in the bedroom ( or outside ) when it comes to intercourse and anything that is meant to be pushed, shoved, pulled, tied, connected, stuck, bond, or restricted to another human being for the purpose of sexual pleasure.

You’ve got shows like “Sex sent me to the ER”  where couples are unaware of the complications that come along with experimenting without researching (even if it’s just a little).

Moral of the story, having “safe sex” requires you be knowledgeable of whatever the fuck it is you are doing, especially if you are involving anything/anyone besides yourself.


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