I Can Teach Myself I Swear

It’s that point when you look at your calendar and you realize that your “resolutions” have yet to take presidence ( I have no idea why it’s telling me this word is spelled wrong but it’s on merriam-webster so grrr ) in our “new year” in our journey to cultivate a “new self”.

I actually got one of those mini notebooks and wrote down 5-6 mini goals I wanted to get done either by the end of my Spring semester (April/May) or the end of 2015. Majority of them are goals that I kind of half-assed and dropped in midst of school and working. It happens. I’m human, sue me… actually please don’t sue me, I’m a poor college student that is constantly reminded out how terrible our job outlook is ( even with a college degree ).

But really, I know what I’d like to accomplish but it dawned on me that I never really took in the actual process  of reaching those goals. It’s like forgot to take the “baby steps” and tried to run a marathon. Usually, when I have free time, I am usually reflecting on my choices and what I want to do next. I try to practice being in the “present” but it’s also a curse if you stay and start to settle for how the present is. I don’t like settling. Settling usually means that I’m bored and a bored woman is dangerous.

I also found out that I need to prepare to move to another apartment complex that goes by monthly payments and not signing my  life to a year long lease. Currently I’m dealing with the wonderful duty of translating and cooperating with lawyers and insurance agents regarding my auto accident. It’s great. I can only tell you how fun it is to try to conjure up the English equivalent to a Korean word and have it make sense in a coherent sentence. On top of the fact that people generally don’t want to give chug out money.

But I think this responsibility also emphasizes that it’s not what we are aiming to achieve, but how we go about achieving it. Whether it be finally adopting a new healthy lifestyle, learning a new instrument, or something else, I think people usually forget about how they will integrate their efforts towards their new goals into their already complicated life. I mean, we may look at minimalists like they grew three heads, but that’s because they’ve managed to simplify life in a way that they aren’t actually “cluttered” and “rushing”.

I’ve been trying to write a mini schedule to constantly update this blog and do Youtube in conjunction. I mean, writing a blog is all good and fun but I think my beauty/health nibblers would appreciate watching me in “real time” as I review hair or some sort of product.

They’re is also the on going goals I have tried to revive from my old high school days. I used to start and finish a book in a week or week and a half now it takes forever.

I used to be able to sight read and sing well but now I want to cry with I look at a Treble/Bass Clef and try to remember scales.

I think it’s important to stick to goals you’ve invested in because not only does it help you become a more interesting person, it also is a testament that you taught yourself to do something at your own pace, literally, and be able to have the consistency and drive to keep it up. Even after you “accomplish” your goal.

I think people should look at Goals not as an end point, but as hump to get over for overall self improvement.

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