Akon : 5 Stadiums : Multidimensional to the Max

Okay so I couldn’t wait to post this but Akon finally has some new music that I’ve been craving. Lately his island vibe beats sync perfectly with the lyrics he chooses.

Akon is one of the artists who has such a distinctive voice that literally inside you melts. I admire that there are artists that have that distinctive voice. He he sings with such emotion which music has failed to incorporate over the past years.

Anyways, Akon has 5 new tracks :


World  http://www.akon.com/album/akon_feeling-a-nikka-feat-banje_world-stadium/

Pop,     http://www.akon.com/album/akon-to-each-his-own-pop-stadium-2/

Urban,  http://www.akon.com/album/akon_whole-lot_urban-stadium/

Island,  http://www.akon.com/album/akon_just-a-man-feat-damian-marley_island-stadium/

Euro.    http://www.akon.com/album/akon-better-feat-niko-the-kid-euro-stadium/

I don’t know how this man can create 5 dramatically different styles of music yet they all have a harmony that links them together.

You can listen to his new songs on http://www.akon.com

I just couldn’t wait to share with my nibblers my love of music especially if it’s meaningful.


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