Finally Woke up from TurkeyDay’s coma: Shopping, So Cal, and DADE Beatnik

Hey ya”ll! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a minute. I’ve been recovering from being a shoppaholic and waking up from a Thanksgiving food coma.

Lord I loved going back to So Cal to stuff my face with awesome food! Plus there were some new stores that had opened at the two malls my little sister frequents so I was excited to check those out. There was a new candy store called Sugarfina and I think my sister and I both died when we walked in. Their packaging was to die for. Every sweet had a cute name assigned to it and their gift boxes were beyond hilarious. An awesome place to go if you have a slightly perverted mind and a sweet tooth.

photo 2

A family friend brought over some awesome wine and sparkling wine for Turkey day. I swear he has a theme for everything and like finding the strangest things to give me. I guess he knows I’m not one for “normal”. He gave us chocolate wine which wasn’t bad. It had a nice freshly made milk chocolate taste to it and went down so smoothly. I wasn’t too fond of the after taste because there was a good bit of tannin lingering on my tongue. My mother devoured the bottle. The sparkling wine had tiny gold flecks in it and I couldn’t help myself and shoot the bottle a little acting as it it was a snow globe. My dad didn’t know this and went ahead trying to open it. Let’s just say the ceiling has a new beauty mark and he looked like he had a mini heart attack. The gold wine was really dry but it wasn’t bitter. My dad drank half the bottle and knocked out for the rest of the night.

photo 1

If any of ya’ll have been to Los Angeles, you’ll know it is a city of its own caliber. It’s notorious for its traffic and the abundance in shopping opportunities. I think this is the city most women would become broke if they don’t like gambling in Vegas. The major malls were so bad compared to the street boutique on Melrose but I found awesome things! I think at Macy’s I found my new Michael Kors bag for $110. I literally started dancing because I have never found a Michael Kors bag that was discounted for over 60%. And if I do it would be on eBay and I would have to get lucky.

While I was down in Southern California some friends of mine were going crazy over getting their hands on some lipsticks on Instagram. I don’t know about you but I’m sometimes skeptical about products posted because “professional” catalog photos are already edited and instagram has it’s own arsenal of filters. Regardless, I like seeing some customer photos and I ended up going with DADE cosmetics. It was Black Friday so I said “hell why not?” . The lipstick names are some odd ones, I’ve never heard of “Beatnik” before nor have I heard anyone use it in slang/shit talking. Anywho, it is this gorgeous electric cool tone pink and I think  I thought it was thinking that this lipstick would be a nice dupe for my limecrime’s Countessa Flourescent. The textures are way different though.

Beatnik had more of a ‘crayon’ feel to it, you could definitely feel the wax used in the lipstick ( I could be wrong ) but it went on smoothly. I had to do probably two coats of it over my lip linear Avon Pink Boutique with it a really light, lilac pink shade. I’ll post pics of me with just the lip linear and one with me with Beatnik over it. The color was very opaque after only two coats so I was super happy. No feathering and no color was trying to escape my lips. It does slightly stain you lips after you’ve worn it around for a good 3-4 hours or so. But the stained lip color isn’t too crazy. [ lip liner –> lip stick ]

photo 2 (10)photo 1 (9)

Tip: Exfoliate and moisturize lips before using Beatnik and you wont worry about your lips drying out. This lip stick seriously locks in whatever you’ve put on before it. Yay for no flaky lips!


photo 5 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2


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