Hi Kimmie : Wig Review

Hey Ya’ll

So I have another wig review for ya’ll 😀 ! Ironically even though it’s gettin chilly, I’ve been getting more and more comfortable with all these short hair styles. This lovely lady’s named “Kimmie”. She has a nice asymmetrical flow to her where the front has soft wavy curls cascading down the left side of my face. I chose the black and burgundy color ( 1b/99j) also known as “raisin” I believe from Ebay.

The unit itself wasn’t too poofy  which was nice so I didn’t have to wear a headscarf to make her lay down for me. The cap fits snug on my head with combs on the sides. I didn’t have to wear a wig cap ( which I don’t recommend unless you really want your edges to rub away ) and she stayed put.

The nice thing is that this wig makes my face look slimmer ( WINNING ) and it’s a cool toned burgundy so it complements my skin tone. The hair material is pretty soft as is but not overly shiny where people would probably question if its a wig or not. I actually had someone ask me who my stylist was when I went to the grocery store and I just said I do my own hair. The chick looked disappointed when I told her that so I’m not quite sure how to feel about her response. Normally you would think it’s cool if you could cut, color, and style your own hair ( which I do except for the cutting part; I trim my own hair when my curls are being circus clowns and splitting in every direction physically possible while remaining some what intact ).

I’ve got on hazel-golden lenses which are super opaque which I am LOVING! They don’t look extremely natural on me just for the fact that They are a little too opaque and I’ve never seen anyone with this eye color before. You’d expect people with blue or gray eyes to be this light and potent but it’s still a nice effect!

These lenses lasted for about ~9 hours without my eyes whining that they were thirsty so that’s a pretty good time duration.


e photo 3 (10) photo 3 (11) photo 3 (13) photo 4 (9) photo 5 (2)


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