Wig Review : Sister Wig LANETTE : Belated Halloween Post

Hey Ya’ll !

So my ends have given up on me so parts of my hair no longer are wavy or curly. With that being side, I am going to have to chop off a good 4 inches of my hair because of how dry and damaged it is. I can’t even finger comb my hair without there being broken pieces hanging onto my fingers. I know it’s really sad. But I haven’t really had a hair cut in 10 months soooo, I think I’m a little over due for one anyways.

Lately I’ve been drawn to some short styles lately, they’re a bit sassy but still feminine in a sense. ( I’ve heard guys say they think short hair is not girly enough for them — sucks for ya’ll )


She is such a cute unit! The unit has nice soft “brushed out” curls that start to lean and build towards the front of the head. I’ve tried playing with it and it looks a little odd to me if I kept the style shown on the model. I did however keep this “bang/fringe” part relatively centered but it leaned more towards the left side of my face where I would naturally part my hair.

When I bought this on Ebay, they were out of the color that I wanted. 😦 so I just took a chance on a new color because I might as well, no? I mean, the hairstyle is dramatically different from what I’ve been accustomed to.

There are nice highlighted pieces scattered throughout the unit and not just at the wavy part, so you get dimensions all throughout the hair. Personally, that’s a lot more natural to me, especially this is not constructed with purely human hair.

It’s got 3 combs in the from and adjustable straps in the back. It fits pretty snug when I go for the 2nd hooks on both sides of the straps so Lanette aint going no where!

The tapered sides and back don’t look too “piecey” ( like someone just put random pieces of hair ) and curve naturally to the shape of my neck and sides of my face.

I really like this unit. I do recommend you tie it down with a scarf for a good minute, maybe when you watching your favorite episode or cooking. The wig itself is a bit “poofy” and I don’t you ladies want to have a random wavy camel hump on your head.

Color is dark brown with some caramel highlights
Color is dark brown with some caramel highlights
Color is dark brown with some caramel highlights
Color is dark brown with some caramel highlights
photo 1
Nice natural short cut with just enough volume
photo 2
Fringe/Bangs a little poofy but scarf it down

photo 3 photo 4


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