Adderall Is The Best And Worst Thing Ever

Thought Catalog

I found these on the ground at a shoot last month. The orange one is definitely Adderall!

About six years ago, I had a prescription for Adderall before I even knew what it was.

I told my psychiatrist I was feeling lethargic from Zoloft and he prescribed me 20mg of Adderall, twice a day. For people who take it, you know how insane that dosage is for someone who doesn’t have ADHD and has never taken it. The first day I took my first pill, I was shaking. My brain was all over the place and I couldn’t stop organizing things. It felt like a slightly less intense version of coke.

It seemed crazy to take the second pill at 3pm like my doctor said, so I didn’t. After a week of alphabetizing receipts for no reason and doing my taxes at 4 am because I couldn’t sleep, I called…

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