Hello world I’ve finally managed time management

You when you get to the point where you actually start rampaging the interweb as to how to be productive but you used to be praised for being the most productive, organized, academically anal person in the world?

Yeah, it’s absolutely mind numbing and a little depressing. I think the last time I typed a blog entry was when I was in the middle of my biology summer course ( which I got an A in ) and then I kind of went into a hole.

That hole was so fucking deep that not even Google map would be able to see the end of it. I’m not trying to be depressing or pessimistic, I’m just being honest. I mean, the main purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts and adventures with willing readers, even if I go MIA and ya’ll get annoyed with me disappearing.

Anyways, I became swamped with being academically confused, having a not-so healthy romance life where communication is a completely different language to this person, getting invited to a wedding after not being in contact with the bride in forever, and just losing my mind in general.

On the bright side I got a new kitten! His name is Benji and he’s a cat-nip induced hyper domesticated cat. Except I think he doesn’t realize he’s a cat or that he’s domesticated. ( He looks at me like I’m crazy when when I’m studying but loves sleeping on my butt and claims it as his since Momo doesn’t even come near me anymore )

Back to the topic that I’m back and I will fucking hold myself accountable to post weekly. I don’t care if I have to set 1500 alarms to nag me to post something.

In regards to managing time management, pinterest has saved my sanity and my brain from exploding. I legitimately over dosed on the “use post its” method to get things done. It’s like they’re necessary herpes because they are absolutely every where in my apartment. Benji sometimes eats them so then I get confused which note he ate until I realize that I forgot to do something. I completely ignore my phone when I study ( attempt to at least ) so I can’t use any note apps.

Midterms are starting this week and for some reason I still have yet to feel like I’m getting anywhere in college. I think it’s because I have been forced to take GE courses because I couldn’t enroll in my major requirement courses even though I’m considered a Junior with 100 credits completed. Oh! AND my advisers for both my majors have completely went off the radar and I can’t seem to find them. I think they haven’t met anyone as persistent as me at this university which is scary in it of itself. Like, I’m paying for my education and paying for a piece a paper that will raise my chances of getting a job that doesn’t pay minimum wage ( but we all know our BA/BS don’t garuntee us a job no matter how much people try to sugar coat it for you. Talking yourself into denial stops working after you try to look for internships which basically are supposed to open doors to your future careers. BUT we can always stay positive. Things could be worse. You could be working at McD’s or BK and the highest achievement you’ll get is to become a manager of a fast food restaurant which operates completely differently from how other “normal” restaurants operate).

Well, I hope my followers come back and aren’t too mad at me for going MIA. I do have a bunch of cosmetic products, specifically lip products, to share and review with ya’ll 😀

Please enjoy this lovely picture of Benji

photo 2
He loves this purse
photo 1
“whatchu lookin at”
photo 3
Are you going to feed me or nah?

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