AlieExpress : Hot & Sexy Hair Review

So my scalp was not having it after I took out my weave after 4 weeks.

I still love my hair but my scalp needs a break or else I’m going to have a line of demarcation and that’s not cute at all.

In an effort to revive my scalp, I pretty much resorted to hunting down the best affordable wig I could that would match as close as I could get with my previous wefts.

Thank the wig gods and goddesses for Hot & Sexy Hair!

My vendor Cindy Lv was a joy to talk to and work with. She made sure that I understood what I was exactly getting so there would be absolutely no miscommunication!

I ordered a Brazilian curly wig in 1 (jet black) in 20 in with the density of 130.

Cindy made sure I was positive that I wanted the Lace Front and I wanted the wig in the color 1. She made it clear that this hair can’t be processed like a wig with 1b hair. I was completely fine with that because I wasn’t about to fuck up a nice wig trying to dye it.

The wig came about 3 days after I ordered it which was B.O.M.B!

Inside the infamous yellow and red DHL envelope, there was my wig, a pack of wig caps, and a thank you letter with a $50 store credit!

How awesome is that?!

I don’t know about you but I love getting free stuff on top of getting store credit!

It looks frizzy in the photos because I had to brush it out a bit so I could fit this baby on my head and not look like a crazy.

It had a nice amount of baby hair in the front and the parting space was a good amount.

I think she gave me a wig about 140 % density because I had to thin out my part to make sure it looked like it was growin out of my head.

The roots aren’t bleached but I’m okay with that.

I did a water test and the wave/curl patter came back beautifully ! It doesn’t feel or look like processed hair to me! 😀

Overall I’m a happy customer and I’m going to buy some more babies from Hot & Sexy Hair

[Please mention that Sun referred you :D]



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