Aliexpress : Guangzhou queen Beauty Hair Products Co., Ltd Loose Wave

So I got this hair because my first order from another company that goes by Guangzhou Beauty Queen Hair gave me some awful hair.

I tried to contact that company to get a refund and no luck.

This hair was described as a loose wave and virgin.

Lemme tell you. This hair is not virgin.

It was tangled and shedding a bit and the ends were a bit dry.

I had attempted to co wash this hair and my sink was an ink pool.

Good news is that, the curl pattern stayed.

Bad news, I washed it probably 3x and I was still getting black ink out of the strands and that’s not a good sign at all.

So, in an effort to salvage this hair I tried to bleach it.

Big Mistake.

My hair didn’t lift w a 40 developer. I waited and deep DEEP conditioned it. Hair looked and felt kind of soft. Okay I thought I was making progress.

Tried to bleach it again with the same 40 develop. Nothing.

Im thinking this can’t be right. Why is it not lifting???

I bleached the closure that it came with and that bad boy lifted instantaneously so I knew I wasn’t going crazy.

By now the hair has been processed 2x and it’s getting brittle. Oddly, black ink was still seeping out everytime I washed the hair.

I wasn’t about to put the hair in my head if it’s still bleeding black color but not lifting. That’s kind of scary.

In the end, the hair dried out and started breaking and I was left with a closure with semi-bleached knots ( it didn’t come w bleached knots ) and some dry sad bundles.

I bought the hair March 2nd. and the seller finally came around and asked if I changed my review/stars on aliexpress, she’d give me a refund. Problem is, I want the refund first before changing my feedback. I’m not going to give them a good feed back only to be tricked into. In the end I lost money so unless the seller comes through and refunds my money through paypal or something, I wouldn’t come back.


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