On Set : Music Videos

OK. I just wrapped up a music video shoot yesterday and lemme tell ya, it was one long ass day.

I’m the anal type of person and I get to my destination probably 30-25 minutes early because I have the lovely gift of being directionally challenged and prone to saying “Fuck it, when my navigation in my car and phone decide to fuck me over”. You can only imagine how annoying it can be if you’re driving and suddenly your navi just dies or keeps changing the directions on you and you have to fight to not lose it in the car. LOTS of deep breathing. Depending on the type of set I usually get pumped up with the similar genre of music. The set I just went to was for an up and coming rapper that featured Charlie Baltimore.

Initially I was expecting about 15-20 girls but it was pretty simple crew. I liked it, I didn’t have to deal with catty people. A lot of the girls were actually women that looked fucking mid 20’s. Bless black people and their beautiful genes! And lord help me that I was one envious chick when I saw fucking shelves for butts on these women. Like, how and why?! There was one white chick but she looked super young and was a stick, and I don’t mean that in a mean way.

The shoot was in the Valley here in Cali and it felt like 90 degrees no joke. I haven’t dealt with 90 degree weather since I was in Sacramento when I first moved there. The crew set up with a nice Dodge Challenger, Range Rover, booked a beautiful mansion with some roman influences, and a pool with a view to die for. The crew was super chill and some were jokers which helped keep the atmosphere stay light. They also fed us some good food that models would typically steer clear from. Wings, potato salad, wings, lasagna, alcohol, and more wings! I’m not going to get any skinnier and look health doing so, so I ate a couple of these goodies to keep myself up and running. 

The models had 3 outfit changes and I guess me and one other model was actually prepared since our wardrobe was actually what the casting person was looking for. I found this odd since this was a music video shoot so I’d think some of the models would at least Youtube what music videos are looking like nowadays. The other model was a promo model so it made sense that she had the type of wardrobe needed. I had just wrapped up a morning photoshoot that wanted some edgy/urban clothing so my car was packed with clothing. I advise girls to bring heels with built in platforms because you will be standing for a long ass time. It’s not even funny. I walked around barefoot for a good minute since I wasn’t about to get blisters on my feet. I’ve got more shoots to knock out in the next couple of days and there’s no telling if I’m going to have to do something crazy if it’s a location shoot. 

Also, time frames don’t exist. If you’re told the time frame for the shoot is 1-9pm then please believe that it’s going to be 2-3 hours later then that for you to actually start and end shooting. My house door’s lock was busted so I was kinda in a pickle in regards to probably being able to get inside after shooting. Overall, it was a good way to network and meet other models but networkin didn’t go as good as I wanted to. I’ve been out of the game too long I think. I used to be bomb at it. It takes being a super animated and confident individual in these situations something that I haven’t done since I went to Sacramento. I tried to continue my modeling up there but after one too many flakes or not getting my photos after a set date, I just got irritated with it. It’s an absolute blessing to be in Southern California since I know I’ll get some good pictures and be able to network properly. I was seriously considering moving back down to Los Angeles but none of my Sacramento State College credits transfer down to the Community colleges here and I”m not about to make up 2 years of college. I’ll just try harder and smarter when it comes to my modeling in the Bay area and Sacramento. I might have to Invest a good amount of time trying in Nor Cal. Most people that love Los Angeles loathe San Fran. We kind of say it’s like NYC and anyone that doesn’t like NYC will understand the reasons why LA people don’t like San Fran. 



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