When Relationships Get Boring

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Thought Catalog

When you’re romantically involved with a person and high levels of comfort develop, it’s easy to start coasting. This smooth-sailing manner consists of two lovers so cozy in their situation that they activate autopilot mode. There’s nothing wrong with relaxing, and in fact, feeling that secure with another person is what we all really want. But there’s a potential downside that often catches couples off guard.

They’re cruising down the road, gliding through life rather effortlessly when suddenly they hit a snag. The wheels on this luxury vehicle of content have a flat tire. And being that the pair wasn’t prepared for this type of setback, they may not have a car jack – or even a spare tire for that matter. So when you think everything’s peachy, but it abruptly goes awry and you don’t have the tools to fix it, what do you do?

We can call friends…

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