16 Ugly Truths About Being An Adult That You Have To Deal With

Thought Catalog

New Girl: Season 2New Girl: Season 2

1. If you go out to bars & clubs you won’t run into friends & acquaintances as often because there’s a fresh batch of 21 year olds, currently in their prime, taking over. Most folks your age are onto entirely different activities that don’t consist of unce unce unce music blaring, flashing lights or musty, congested rooms.

2. Spontaneity is dying. Members of your group of friends have careers, spouses, kids, lives, stuff to watch on Netflix, obligations – things that don’t allow everyone to take part in impromptu road trips or other impulse hangouts.

3. You aren’t as tough, durable & built to last as you once where. That sounded like a Firestone Tire commercial, but what I mean is that you make grunt noises when you stand up, you can’t eat certain things without your stomach throwing a tantrum and you have to stretch or feel…

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