Let’s Get Our Glow Back

So I used to have really bad acne.

I also have very bipolar skin that loathes being categorized into a “model” skin type. The closest I can get to identifying my skin is it’s sensitive combination.

For those of you who don’t know what that is it means my skin will rage war upon me if I put anything it does not want on it. It doesn’t give a damn if the commercial at 1am is glorifying a product that was ridiculously reduced in price JUST FOR YOU.

I’ve tried almost every single product sold to me via the television and I can tell you that my skin was super red, flaky, more acne in new places, and my wallet was trying.

I even tried different facials from using bee venom masks to cashing out on some serious facials in Los Angeles. I even went to a couple of spas in New York and South Korea and nothing worked longer then a month or two and it took at least a couple of weeks of treatment to see ANY sort of improvement or change. My mom and I were mindlessly spending money and time hoping that something would let us know if it was time to move on to another treatment or keep up with whatever seemed to be working.

I got sick of driving everywhere and being embarrassed about my skin. I knew that my skin reflected how my body is on the inside and it didn’t matter how much make up I put on.

I became to research on basic skin care and the human body.

I cross examined other ethnicities and pinpointed patterned to see how and why these groups of individuals had just good skin and looked healthy.

Good genes do play a part but it also helps to know how to work with your distinct genes.

I went back to really cleaning up my diet.

1. Find out what your body likes in it.

I completely cut out anything remotely greasy and that possibly had gluten in it. I usually got really bloated and a stubborn mini muffin always clung onto me for dear life whenever I ate gluten products for more then a week or so. However, I never noticed its effect on my skin.

2. Lots of water and tea. 

Copious amounts of water and sugar free liquids became a priority. Soda and diet carbonated drinks no longer existed to me or to my body. Tea is known for it’s god like abilities and I honestly believe it is the fountain of youth. You get the natural benefits of the herbs and plants used in teas but you are also providing water to hydrate your body. Your body is composed mostly of water so it only makes sense that you give your body what it’s made of.

3. Quality workouts

Exercising is one of the best all in one remedies. You not long flush out toxins your body has been holding onto through sweating. You get your body to start pumping blood around and sending happy signals to your mind. So you get the benefits of detoxing, regulating your happy endorphins, and working towards a lean body,

4. Simple or Natural products and try to stick to a handful of things. Embrace your uniqueness.

Throw out the idea of all-in-one products or what’s popular and try to keep it simple. Your body is not composed of a bunch of scary sounding chemicals that you can’t pronounce or aren’t found naturally in plants. Try to go back to Nature or as close as you can.

5. Tone it up. (Thayers Rose Petal Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Formula Toner or Dickinson’s witch hazel-Daily Facial Toner work absolute wonders and don’t smell like much and are super gentle.)

It’s debatable if toner is worth the investment. I personally love using a toner because it allows me to get rid of any extra dirt, cleanser, and dead skin that I might have missed after cleansing and exfoliating. It also helps balance the pH in you skin so your skin cells won’t be confused as to produce more or less sebum, also known as your face’s natural oils, and promote/maintain balance.

6. Let your skin drink

It only makes sense to moisturize your skin after cleaning it. Try to be mindful what you let your skin drink up. Usually going for a light weight moisturizer in the day with some SPF is a good staple. The SPF will help protect your skin from any damage it’s accumulated from the days you’ve profusely rejected sunscreen. UV rays are no joke, they essentially rip your cells apart and cause them to be retarded. When they try to repair themselves, tiny mutations can occur and that’s when wrinkles, fine lines, age/sun spots, and a multitude of skin woes start to show.

7. Let’s oil it up

Essential oils have gotten a bad rep when it comes to skin care up until recently. A lot of people still think it counter productive if you put oil on your face if you do have acne or oily skin. It’s all in how pure and what kind of oil you use. Obviously, you don’t want to use oils known to dry up fast and clog your nice clean pores but you also don’t want overly processed oils as well. I usually mix a little bit of my JBCO with a nice night cream so everything is mixed in evenly. There’s a plethora of oils that nature provides us so we all have something that will work of us.

8. Slap yourself.

No joke. Within the Asian beauty community, we love slapping ourselves. This goes back to pumping the blood around in your face and increasing circulation. Circulation means more cells are going to “wake up” and absorb more products rather then just skin on top of your skin. This applies to your body too. It a good way of waking yourself in the morning if cold water doesn’t do the trick for you at 5am. Just don’t go over board and leave hand prints on your pretty face.

9. Be a Queen or King AT LEAST 3x a week.

Masks and Serums are awesome ways to give your skin that extra boost and luxury it deserves after the long hours of surviving the day-to-day abuse it goes through. Environmental pollution, bipolar weather, and stress are some notable offenders. Pampering your skin not only allows you to provide it with extra nutrients, it also forces you to slow down and relax. I know, it’s hard to believe that we actually have to make an effort to pamper ourselves.

10. The Hidden Age IDers

Make sure you take care of you neck, declenche, and hands. You take care of everything from the chin up and bust down but never really in between. You neck is exposed to just as much damage, if not more, as your face. You neck slowly develops lines which give away your age. The same for your hands. We are constantly using our hands it’s very easy for them to become dry or worn out. Your hands will start to develop spots and line, just like your neck, if you don’t properly take care of them. No point in getting expensive procedures or investing in expensive products if you neglect taking care of every inch of your body. It’s a system.


These are some tips and reminders for those of ya’ll that are in a beauty rut, just starting out a regime, or need to be reminded of how to get back on track.



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