Enrollment Zombies

For the next 12 excruciatingly, painful hours, I will be glued to some sort of digital device so that I make sure nothing goes wrong when I enroll for my Summer 2014 courses.

Anyone who understands the pains of going to an academic institution after high school and actually giving a damn while going, knows how much of a royal pain it is to get the classes you’re willing to pay for.

I don’t particularly love cashing out 120 hours worth of money for a class that I have to balance while working to pay for another class that will either will cost just as much or more. It’ll most likely have a heftier price tag since I have the joy of taking science and math courses.

I’ve been gluing myself to a computer since my sophomore year of high school so that I can get my classes because I’m the type of person that is super anal when it comes to spending her money. My little sister, who will be turning 14, honestly believes money grows on trees and falls from the sky sometimes. This is especially true when she becomes obsessed with a celebrity or whatever trend is circulating in at her school at the moment. I’m slowly coaxing her into adopting the mindset that she needs to live in the real world and acknowledge that she’s spoiled.

She’s also prepping to be a freshman in high school in the fall and with high school there comes more than just 99 problems. Yes, a bitch will be one of her problems, sorry Jay-Z.

Here is some advise to bright eyed prospective college students:

Master the art of time management fast!

Learn self control and prioritizing.

Seriously find a hobby.

Pay attention what you’re good at and enjoy.

Be a perfectionist when it comes to your education.

Learn to laugh things off.

Accept the fact that multi-tasking will be the death of you.

Master researching skills.

Give absolutely ZERO fucks to negative people and nay-sayers.

Weed out the people in your life that are 1) using you 2) fuck around with you 3) steal from you 4) drain you and/or 5) absolutely clueless as to what to do with themselves and don’t make an effort to change.

Love yourself.

Be brutally honest with yourself.

Learn to Focus.

Do what makes YOU HAPPY.

I’ve had to fight the losing battle of pleasing my family and trying to internalize what other’s will think of me based on my choices.

Truth is, your family WILL love you. No matter how much ya’ll fight, scream, yell, throw random inanimate objects at each other, and not talk for countless month, your family will be there for you.
Family doesn’t have to be blood.
People tout having a family or family unit and community for a reason.

Your family members will continue to live their respective lives until their biological capacities cease.

The random 70 year old man in a muscle shirt and funky Johnny Depp glasses will continue to wear his mother fucking muscle shirt and funky glasses because that’s what HE wants to do.

The only thing stopping you from accomplishing something is YOU.

No body got a gun to your head.
No body got a gun to your love one.

Harsh truth is that, no one cares.
And before you tell me that some one does care, they are only categorized in two groups.

1) They care about your happiness
2) They want you to fail

NO where do these people force you to execute any sort of action.
They become your motivation.

So, let’s try not become zombies to our institutions and what society says we “should” be.

The only thing that you “should” be is to do what makes you happy in a fulfilling life without harming others.


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