Thoughts of a Future Dietitian : The Birth of My Journey

Currently I am a Dietetics and Biology major. I’m seriously contemplating on switching to Sports Medicine or Kinesiology.

As I become more engrossed into blogging I figured it’s time to share more bits and pieces of myself.

I cannot express how thankful and happy I am for the readers, followers, and visitors !

Now when I was a child, I grew up a relatively healthy lifestyle. I ate clean and always managed to get my veggies and fruits in. I used to run around like a crazy, overly caffeinated child outside for hours. I used to have so much energy.

Fast forward a couple of years later and an onslaught of health problems that being to plague my body.

I started growing getting more accustomed to eating fast food, processed food, easily accessible food. All these greasy food slowly hypnotized me into weening myself off my clean diet and eventually caused me to become overweight by the time I was 12 years old.

I no longer could run around for hours outside. I constantly had to buy bigger and bigger cloths because I couldn’t fit into the ones I had bought a couple months ago. I constantly had doctors tell me that I need to do something about my weight. They would just emphasize that I was over weight and it was bad. Never did any one of those medically trained doctors tell me exactly WHAT or HOW I could get better.

I developed asthma.

My joints began to hurt.

I developed allergies to egg whites.

Milk. Corn. Shrimp. Lime.

I could no longer take certain medications and vaccinations because it would compromise my health because I was allergic to the proteins that composed these treatments.

Later I developed the inability to properly digest red meat.

I was royally fucked.

I became depressed at the age of 14.

Clinically depressed at 16.

Gluten intolerant age 17.

All the while I was still trapped in the world where the media touts red meat, commercials bombarding me with colorful, light-hearted images of consuming fast food, idolizing how desirable and socially accept women should look like. No emphasis was placed on healthy eating.

I started noticing that after every food commercial there was some advertisement suggesting some sort of pill.

After every fast food commercial there would be an advertisement for some sort of home gym equipment when ridiculously chiseled and healthy looking models. Better yet, these ads contained “real life people” trying to empathize with me, the viewer, to buy into these miracle products.

These people look happy. They have a lot of energy. I used to yearn for that.

I shoved pill after pill trying to “fix” whatever I was dealing with but never got to the root of what’s causing my problems.

By the tail of my junior year of high school, I became a dedicated vegan. I studied the actual science behind what causes depression, allergies, illness, and all the beautiful mutations that hurt our bodies.

It’s truly dependent on our Nutrition.

We are what we Eat.

I was about to go from around 210 lbs at 5’7” to 135 lbs at 5’9”.

I was able to reduce my body fat percentage down from 35% to 20%.

I finally felt alive.

I finally understood what was the CAUSE of my ailments.

I finally didn’t have to stuff diet pills down my throat. Stopped taking huge dosages of anti-depressants. My skin cleared up. I had more energy.

I learned not to believe everything that was on tv.
I learned that the scale only accounts for my total body weight and not how much FAT I have on my body. ( Bone mass, muscle mass, water weight, organs, blood volume, ect )
I learned that doctors are taught to diagnose problems and prescribe pills to help you DEAL with ailments. Never find the root to GET RID of my ailments.

I’ve become a pescatarian ( some one that includes fish as their meat source) due to the fact that I lacked iron and my body wasn’t getting enough protein.

It is also very expensive to stay a vegan due to the fact that it’s expensive to eat HEALTHY. In a world where we’re supposed to be working with nature and supposed to not repeat history, we as a society have failed.
We have failed to prevent obesity, heart disease, chronic illnesses, and other diseases.
We are charged for fucking water!

Think about that.

Our bodies are composed mainly of water yet this element is one of the most over charged products in our markets. It’s is possible one of the most contaminated products from plastic bottles with BPAs or masking tap water as “natural spring water”.

It just doesn’t work.

My body has recently decided to reject soy products.

I chose to study Dietetics so that I can help promote more people to live a holistic and natural lifestyle. Our bodies aren’t made of pills. Our bodies are not machines that can be replaced. Our lives aren’t dispensable.

I believe that I will impact my community in a positive way whether it be by educating someone to helping them find motivation.


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