Black Gold : Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Growing up with oddly textured hair and being prone to thinning because I am Asian, I’ve give both arms and legs to find out how to keep my hair healthy. As a baby, my hair was super thick and you couldn’t even see my scalp because my follicles completely covered my head. It used to have a wonderful luster to it as well. Oh how I missed it.

After I went through my beauty experimenter phase, my hair is now slowly trying to fight back to it’s normal state.

I’ve died my hair almost every color of the rainbow.

I’ve bleached my hair to the point that it was silver.

I’ve gotten cornrows, twists, braids, and sew ins.

and I’ve permed it to be MORE curly or straight.

Yes, I’ve basically done everything. I never really learned how to cornrow or sew in tracks because I’m honestly too lazy. I know how to do any type of coloring process at home safety because I loved the idea of creating dimensions with different colors and disliked my natural burgundy, brown hair. Yes, my family doesn’t have dark, dark, ” almost black ” hair.

Around senior year of high school when I went really started getting sew ins, I was desperately trying to save my hair. I cut it super short like you’ve seen in a couple of my lipstick review photos. I relished the days when I’d wake up and shake my hair or add a touch of mousse and run out the door.

After a while, short hair goes into that awkward middle phase where there’e really no shape to it or don’t know how to style it well. In the midst of getting frustrated with my short hair, I scoured the interwebs to find a way to revive my hair and see if I what my biology loving brain can hypothesize.

I came across a site for natural hair women and a couple of natural living sites with article on Jamaican Black Castor Oil. There was an interesting article where one woman’s mother grew back her edges from damaging sew ins after 6 months of diligently applying the oil to her edges.

Now we all know healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp. Hair is always grow until the follicle itself becomes clogged or blocked. JBCO is effective on all hair types but it’s especially good for wavy and or curly hair. Biologically, hair textures that are wavy or curly are prone to breakage due to dryness. This is determined by porosity which determines how well your hair absorbs and holds moisture.

Low Porosity :  Low porosity hair repels moisture when you try to wet it and is hard to process since it resists penetration of chemicals. This means the hair ain’t going to let you easily color or perm it. Has a tightly bound cuticle layer with overlapping scales that lay flat. This type of hair is usually considered healthy, and is often very shiny. This type of hair can easily be overloaded by protein products making it feel straw-like and stiff.

This type of hair loves emollients and humectant products. Humectants help hair absorb and hold moisture. An emollient for should easily form a smooth, even layer on top of the hair, soften the hair, and shouldn’t leave an unpleasant sticky or greasy texture.

Light oils, hair milks, and serums are great since they won’t weight down the hair and making your head look like a oil slick. Remember, since the hair doesn’t like taking in or hold much product you don’t have to use much.

Medium Porosity: I say this hair is the happy medium and would probably describe my hair’s porosity. he cuticle layer is looser, allowing just the right amount of moisture to enter while preventing too much from escaping. Hair with this porosity tends to hold styles well, and will happily let you  perm and color it and usually have the desired outcome. So if you want to have kinky, spiral curls or burgundy, purple color, you’ll be happy. Over time, however, these processes can damage your hair and increase its porosity. Daily deep conditioning and the occasional protein treatment will give your hair some TLC.

High Porosity: Oh boy. Hair with this porosity is like someone when trigger happy with chemicals punching a multitude of holes. Environmental damage, overly chemical processing, or being rough with your hair. So ladies, lets not rake through our curls or put so much heat on your hair that you can smell burning. The gaps and holes in the cuticle overloading it with moisture which leaves it prone to frizz and tangling in humid weather. Simply showering can cause more damage and breakage because of all the moisture.

Anti humectants will help seal your damaged cuticles and prevent them from absorbing excess moisture in the air and leave in conditioners and sealers can keep in the moisture. Somethings gotta close up those holes. So don’t be afraid on slathering heavy products like butters into your tresses.

Now the JBCO helps with all of these issues depending on your method of applying it.

My eyelashes and eyebrows have been growing like weeds so I don’t know what I’m doing to them to make them grow faster then the hair on my head.


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