Aliexpress : Brazilian virgin hair body weave extension by Guangzhou beauty queen hair products co., LTD

So I got some hair because currently my hair is just not having it with me. It’s been poking out everywhere, tangling, frizzing up, and I look like a poodle honestly. I usually can use the same hair for about 2 installs or so depending on what texture I get.

Aliexpress has been buzzing around for a while and even though I don’t do Youtube “vlogging”(?), I still like sharing my opinion about the things I use. Plus, I’m an Asian with wavy/curly hair and it’s on the thinner side so hopefully my experiences can help someone.

I bought this hair about two months ago from the vendor Guangzhou beauty queen hair products co., LTD [] due to customer service being good and it was with in my price range for what I ordered.

I got the Brazilian Body Wave in 20” 22” 24” with a 16″ lace closure. DHL shipping was the way to go!

Now, for the PICTURES!

Before washing:



The hair had a slight body wave to it, not too noticeable which made me suspicious. Normally, a good body wave bundle with have distinct curves. It had that slight oh-so-intoxicating mini ammonia/factory smell to it. It passed the grip test and it bounced a little so I was able to cheer up a little. It’s double wefted so that means I can split them I need to.

Now the fun part : Washing.

I washed the bundles in Treseme’s hydrating shampoo and conditioner and boy was I pissed. As I was GENTLY soaking the hair and running my fingers through it, I got some shedding. I proceed to shampoo the bundles and a whole lot of black bled out and soon my sink looked like a black hole.

No No No No NO

The motherfucking description said VIRGIN. 

I had to wash this hair probably a good 3 times before my sink looked normal again. The hair lost it’s body wave and revealed it’s true texture. It’s straight. I did not pay for straight hair. I payed for a hair that had a body wave to it and that was Virgin.


With a heavy heart and mini migraine, I tried to squeeze the hair dry by scrunching it, hoping that maybe the pattern will come back. Nope. I let these air dry. I didn’t even bother washing the closure but you can see what the original wave is supposed to look it. The knots were not bleached on the closure and I wasn’t going to go through the trouble of bleaching it.

I immediately try to contact “Andy” and ask for a damn refund. No response til this day. I will try to use this hair maybe in the winter since I’m not about to drop my pretty pennies on a GOOD install. Plus, I know that since it is straight hair, I’m going to want to abuse it with as much heat as possible. I don’t look good with straight. Maybe if I wanted to keep a short Kris Jenner hair cut then yeah.



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