Ka’oir Cosmetics: The Darlings

I wrote a review regarding the more daring colors from this line.

I’m pleasantly surprised by these colors and relieved at the same time because I was not about to go out and buy more liners and exfoliate my lips even more than I already do to prevent creasing. It’s hard enough to stay hydrated which is probably the cause for my lips looking like the Sahara Desert. It’s all bad.

All of these also smelled like crayons so I’m guessing that’s just a ding for this line.



Invisible : Very nice, pale nude color. The color payoff is great and there is no slipping. I love how creamy this color applied on my lips. It does crease a little into the lines of my lips, even with a liner. But this is a great nude to have if you don’t want the brown toned nudes or the ones with sparkles in them.

IMG_20140320_102044 IMG_20140320_102051

S.E.X: Yes, this color is called SEX. I honestly got it for the name and now I can say that I have a lipstick called SEX. I mean, MAC has got some interesting named shades too. You gotta love the creativity that goes into naming lip products.  I’m still bonkers about the name. This is a beautiful deep wine color with amazing coverage! It’s very creamy and does not crease. It did seem to feather out a little along the corners of my lips but nothing a little liner and concealer can’t fix. I actually wore this for a night out at a Benihana’s and I got a lot of compliments. I looks like it’s a bit neutral for a wine color at first but there are blue undertones to it.

IMG_20140320_101400 IMG_20140320_101328

Wifey: I absolutely died laughing when I saw this one. The color is a bubble gum, cotton candy pink. I wouldn’t know if a wifey would wear this color but it’s a great choice when you want a subtle “pop”. It’s a versatile color for being a bold as it is because it didn’t over power my face with the smokey eyes. Unfortunately, this color is crease, seep, and slide all over the place. I’m in the process of trying to figure out how I can fix this issue. I think a little bit of concealer on the lips will help fill any lines and a liner or gloss will help the color stay put.

IMG_20140320_100110 IMG_20140320_100115

Love U: This one is very similar to Invisible only that it looks like my skintone. There is a nice coverage with this nude and is slightly on the brown side. Ceasing isn’t as bad as some of the other colors but the name does it justice. Love U definitely helps finish off a look if you are going to a more natural or “sweet” face.


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