Ka’oir Cosmetics: The Daring

Among the crazy things I try to prevent myself from buying, I came across this lipstick line through instagram. Yes, that app where you can make your photos into perfect cubes ideal for scrapbooking or making collages and enjoying a free mini photoshop make over. Ya’ll know that those filters are too good to be true and I’ve played around with Photoshop. Instagram makes my life easier if I want to take quick snap shots of places, like the beach, and not have to hurt myself too much from the sun blinding me.

I’m anal when it comes to wanting to get a good photo and I think I’ve almost managed to make a complete fool out of myself or gotten in serious trouble with the authorities. ( Dumb city laws and their BS requirements for having a license to take photographs. )

So this is my description for this cosmetic line;

KA`OIR’s colorful & interesting lipsticks are a beautiful complement to an lipstick dare devils and trendsetters.

KA`OIR’s bright, long-lasting colors that supposedly glide on without causing that horrendous chapping.

All lipsticks are satin/matte based & can be worn with or without gloss.

*** KA’OIR COSMETICS are NOT Animal Tested ***



Yes I love these lashes


I know, I like variety
Rude Girl

Rude Girl : This is a nice mid-lavender shade with some blue in it. I’m not sure how to feel about this one because I don’t look yellow wearing this shade but it does seep into my lips despite me using a concealer and moisturizing the hell out of my lips. I lined my lips with a nude liner so you can’t really tell. This color stained my lips lightly but it wasn’t so bad that people would think that I got socked in the mouth or anything. That would be a bad look.



Lip Lock: is an odd mixture of a light purple sky blue shade. I couldn’t find the pic of me without a filter but it does come out darker. I personally wouldn’t wear this one because it creased a lot and required about 3 layers just to get a decent coverage. My lips looked like they went through hypothermia when I tried to wipe this off my lips. It surprised me that this shade managed to stain my lips well.

IMG_20140320_095508 IMG_20140320_100453

Banana Milkshake : I was so excited to get an actual yellow lipstick to try out. I had seen the photo swatches on the site and on instagram and I fell in love with the color on the models. Long behold I try this baby out and it comes out to be a mustard yellow. Yes, like the condiment yellow mustard. I was so sad that the color payoff failed me. This one oddly catches any flakes on my lips and that made me self conscious because nobody wants to see the remnants of anyone’s exfoliated lips. 


S.T.O.P : I didn’t like this red as much as my LimeCrime Glamour 101. It is a darker hue than Glamour 101 but it makes me look more yellow/tan than I already am. The lipstick had a decent color payoff and didn’t seep into the lines of my lips. My lips were a blush hue after I wiped this color off, which looked weird on me but I’m sure it would complement someone that has a more fair complexion than me.


All of these smelled like melted crayons for some reason! My nose was spazzing out because it was confused as to how something on my lip could smell so off. It’s not a foul smell but if you have a sensitive nose and aren’t as tolerant as I am, then I wouldn’t recommend these. I have yet to try the natural looking ones so hopefully those will be more of a pleasure to wear.

I colors aren’t true to the packaging or on the site unless you want to use a concealer AND a white lip base to get the full effect and even then, I feel like the colors will look muddy if not heavy on your lips.

I will be trying on the eyelashes since they look so fun.


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