Life in a Cast: Sleeping and Working Out

Everyone can attest to having a special relationship with your bed.

I am one of those individuals that LOVES my bed. Whether my covers and balled up in one corner of the mattress or the bed being neatly made, my bed is very special to me.

I mean, what else on this world will have seen you grow up, watch your body change, wipe away your tears, comfort your sore muscles, listen to your worries, calm your nerves, and not cringe at the fact that you being your monthly cycle or go through the occasional nit-picking of our female bodies?

No, I do not have the same bed that I had when I was a little girl. My bed when I was a little girl was more of a bamboo sheet that covered the floor and random pieces of sheets that would protect me from the evil blood sucking bastards through the summer nights. I think I’ve gone through 3 different “beds” but never the less, my bed will always be waiting for me. It will always want me.

Now with a cast and sore muscles, I wanted to be no where near my bed. The thought of laying down after being up all day or sitting all day was quite a painful thought.

Some people could say after a long, hard day living, you’d enjoy your spine relaxing as the mattress slowly fills in the gaps in your spine. Your vertebrae finally gets to take a break from supporting our heavy ass selves. Your legs get to become jello and you’re completely okay with that. You feet start to pulse and they cry out for a foot massage.

Yes, yes, this all indeed sounds fine and dandy. But, when you’ve been in an auto accident that requires you to have a heavy ass cast, you pretty much want to avoid that mattress supporting your back as long as possible. Your once active and strong body will experience this wonderful process call atrophy!

What is atrophy!?

It’s when you body basically becomes a lazy, destructive whore. You body eats away your precious lean muscles and those wonderful glute, back, and leg muscles start to fade away. You might look slimmer and lose weight because you don’t have much muscle on you as before but you will be hating yourself. I know that I became a lazy bum and wanted to do absolutely nothing because it got to the point where I accepted that I couldn’t workout as I used to anymore. You become skin and bones and your stomach suddenly shrinks or your gut starts to grow. Personally, my stomach shrank into a coin pocket and I rarely ate so this only accelerated my “bag of bones” look and I am now back to my skinny fat self.

It’s not fun but I like a challenge. Summer is basically knocking on my back door but that’s just an added bonus. šŸ™‚


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