limecrime wearables


So I wrote a previous review on LimeCrime’s “out of box” colors since it’s the spring time and I like the colors themselves…and I’m a lipstick whore. 😀

These are the more wearable colors that I think would make a nice statement lip look.


Countessa Fluorescent : This baby is indeed fluorescent, it kind of scared me since it reminded me of MAC’s Nicki Minaj Viva Glam except it’s no where near the MAC’s pigmentation. It’s very creamy like the previous limecrime lipsticks which is always plus. Gone are the days and nights of worrying about dry lips and lipstick particles trying to dive into every crease in your lip. It is a cooler toned pink and I think it’d look interesting with either a nude, peach, or baby pink lip gloss over it to switch up the color a bit if the lipstick itself is too much to handle. I didn’t need a liner for this one! IMG_20140320_102457 IMG_20140320_102520


Glamour 101: This lipstick is by far my favorite, if not THE perfect shade of red for my skin tone. It’s a nice cool tone darker red. I’m not really a fan of the fire engine, “hey look at me”, Marilyn Monroe/Gwen Stefani red lips look. It didn’t stain my lips too bad but it will creep into the lines of your lips if your not careful so I recommend moisturizing and lining your lips with either the same red or a shade slightly darker.IMG_20140320_103214


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