Unicorn lipsticks for spring?!

Anything with a unicorn on it and claims to be cruelty-free it already a seller! My only hesitation before selling my soul to the unicorn if it smells good.

Let’s face it, most of us are olfactory whores when it comes to things in life. Nobody wants to be around anything that hurts our delicate noses.

I was perusing on a couple of beauty blogs, Youtube channels, and the articls written by the titans of the fashion world and  I was drawn in that pastels and bright oranges are still a hit. I had heard of orange being last season’s color but now it’s teamed up with an orchid color too!

Now I’m all for obsessing and drowling over these beauty products, but I’m still going to force myself to resist my female urges to by things that I know will look good and that I want and be mindful of what I spend my money on. I’m sure a lot of men would appreciate this too unless they’re really into how the fashion world is and “normal” is not defined the same  as it is in corporate settings. (AKA If I want to look like Katy Perry from her Dark Horse or E.T music video, or Rihanna with her blue lips then god damn it I will as I please!)

I recently purchased some lipsticks from LimeCrime Cosmetics and I finally got to try these babies out.

IMG_20140315_145830 IMG_20140315_145854 IMG_20140315_145945 IMG_20140315_145918 IMG_20140315_145952IMG_20140315_145921

The colors are pretty kind of scary in the tube but that’s why we ladies have the confidence and lady balls to put these colors on ourselves!

D'lilac lime crime D'lilac lime crime 3

D’ Lilac is a beautiful pale pink/blue lavender color that didn’t make my skin look too yellow or some weird color. It’s surprisingly very wearable if I had put on maybe a pale pink lipgloss over it. It didn’t stain my lips and was moisturizing as body butter without the thickness. It smells like lavenders with a hint of sweetness which surprised me.

Mint to Be limecrime Mint to Be limecrime 2

Mint to Be is a true pastel mint and it will tan your complexion up no problem if you don’t have alabaster skin. This lipstick was very moisturizing as well but I think everyone would agree this color isn’t as wearable as D’lilac. I do think that this would be a great lipstick to have for lipstick addicts and for individuals that enjoy being creative from time to time. It didn’t smell like mint unfortunately but it didn’t smell like crayons!

Overall I love these lipsticks and how opaque they are, especially since these are fairly light colors. They glide on like butter and they didn’t stain my lips! Best of all, I could get away with using my Rimmel nude lipliner without worrying about an awkward “drawn” outline of my weird lips.  I’ll definitely try out the more “reasonable” shades since I think a brand’s just as good as it’s weakest link, and most of the time the “odd” colors are either too sheer, don’t stay on, and/or smell like burnt chemicals and factory fumes.


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