Contract phones and “Burner Phones” aka pay as you go phones

I worship the being that implemented the idea of “burner phones”.
I cannot describe to you how much of a headless, crazy, Asian chicken who thinks she is already going through her quarter-life crisis when my Android literary says,”Fuck you and anything you had planned for a successful career and wonderfully blissful life” to me.Yeah. I think my Samsung Galaxy S4 purposely does it because I’m not glued to it unlike other individuals these day. I swear, it’s either the phone is your life, your “significant other”, or an ipod/music player.

I am a slave to my phone contract with no wiggle room and it honestly sucks. I hate contracts. Now, there’s a difference a difference in hating contracts and hating commitments because someone who I consider an intellectually challenged lost child says they’re the same.

Honey, please. A contract is, defined by the almighty Merrium-Webster,

:a legal agreement between people, companies, etc.

: a document on which the words of a contract are written

: an agreement to kill a person for money [ I have no idea who used this definition but I guess, figuratively, the person that the agreement was made to really does kills you slowly for the mounds of green paper which we give so much value to]

Yes, these are actual definitions of a contract from the dictionary itself.

Now a commitment is:

: a promise to do or give something

: a promise to be loyal to someone or something

: the attitude of someone who works very hard to do or support something

Now, a commitment is something I can think about and objectively and subjectively weigh the pro’s and con’s to whatever I’m committing to. This can range from committing to taking care of my hormone- raging, PMS terrorizing, confused, teenage sister for a couple of hours or committing to a blogging more often and not be tempted to reach for copious amounts of fruits and wine because sometimes my mind has a mind of its own. I choose what I want to commit to. I know want to commit. Period. Nothing really is required until I decide to take on a commitment.

A contract is a horrifyingly powerful  and manipulative document that allows little to absolutely no wiggle room just in case I have an “oh fuck” moment in my life. Being 20 and actually being held responsible for a lot more than what the majority of 20 year old college students are for, I live as if I’m 25. And yes, my “oh fuck” moment came when my roommates started giving me the run-around. Another “oh fuck” moment was when I was trying to enroll in my GE courses so I can transfer out of my current college  but my administrative department gave me a run-around and has the audacity to tell me that it’s not their problem and I don’t know what I’m doing. Now, I don’t care if they think I’m a band new, naiive, overly optimistic college student but where in the world is the respect ?  Lastly, my “oh fuck my life I’m cursed in this bloody city” when I get into a car accident 2 days before I started my semester and I had already slaved to pay my tuition and look for another apartment so that I could get a fragment of my sanity back.

All these times, my lovely, white S4 refuses to charge, refuses to turn on, refuses to proper dial the number that I wants, black out on me when I’m in the middle of texting someone or drafting some sort of email or blog post.

I really did fall in love with S4 but I left that piece of crap and whored over the multitude of burner phones at my Walmart and Target. I can pay buy the day or month if I choose and don’t have to wait a damn week to get a new phone without sacrificing both arms and legs with maybe a liter of plasma.

Personally, this type of phone is something I think everyone should have. I’m bounded and enslaved to my service contract but at least I know I can choose how long I want to commit to a phone and pay plan and know exactly what I’m doing. 🙂


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