MAC Spring 2014 Collection: Fantasy of Flowers


I love Spring. It’s when all the baby animals and pastels seem to rule the world. Everything is light hearted other then people saying “spring fever” and warning me to watch out for the “birds and the bees” syndrome! XD

Ever since I got back down to Los Angeles, I’ve had makeup withdrawals and I miss my cat who is currently being taken care by a friend of mine who’s in Sacramento. I used to model so I had the pleasure to go around trying out eccentric make up looks and walking around proudly around Downtown or into stores with out too many weird stares from bystanders. I can’t quiet do that anymore since I kind of got fed up with the modeling community in Sacramento and the bad luck I had to fight in Sacramento. I try to come back down here or go to the Bay to shoot since I know more people are serious, understanding, or both in regards to shoots. These people tend to be more open minded to which is always a plus for me.

But anyways, I got my hands on MACs Spring Collection: Fantasy of Flowers and I’m loving the colors.
They’re all lustre finishes so I already knew that they weren’t going to be very opaque on my lips. I personally liked this collection’s color selection and the fact that they opted for the lustre finish. It keeps true to the idea of “spring” of being light and airy.

I’ve included normal photos and ones from my instagram since I know the photos do take up a lot of space.

MAC swatches snap rose coral hybrid

Top to Bottom : Snapdragon, Rose Lily, Fluer d’Coral, Heavenly Hybrid

MAC SnapdragonMAC Snapdragon 1


Snapdragon is described as a blue toned pink. It was very sheer and kind of felt like a lipbutter/balm when I first put it on. It is pretty close to my natural lip color after I exfoliate it in the shower which is a plus.

MAC Rose LilyMAC Rose Lily 2


Rose Lily is a sheer pastel pink with a little lavender tones to it. It makes me look a lot more tan then I am and it ceases in my lips so it looks like I’ll have to me mindful to moisturize and scrub my lips so there aren’t any lines. No body enjoys a capped looking lip!


MAC Fleur D' CoralMAC Fleur D' Coral 2

Fleur d’ Coral is a pale creamy peach with some pink tones. Its a very nice nude color for me. I wouldn’t’t call it peach really but it is creamy and I couldn’t stop rubbing my lips together. I think I’m crazy because my lips felt so soft against each other!

MAC Heavenly HybridMAC Heavenly Hybrid 2

Heavenly Hybrid is a mid tone berry and this is by far my favorite other then snapdragon! It’s not too in your face but the color payoff was just right which surprised me since most lustre lipsticks don’t come out well on me and then I get obsessive in trying to find a good lip gloss or lip liner to use the lipstick with.

Which is your favorite? Pastels or Bold? [ to the guys that read my blog, please don’t be afraid to answer too ! I promise you that women like knowing what your preferences are in regards to lip products. After all, you’ll be kissing our lips !]





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