Life in a Cast : The Coffee Run

So I’ve been pondering on the idea of blogging some series since I haven’t been able to rummage in my makeup box, or at least the small amount of makeup I was able to bring from Sacramento, or actually work out and have a “normal life”. It’s quiet depressing in the sense that, I further confuses me how some people are willing to take time off of school and just jump into a whole for more then a week or so. Call me a workaholic or whatever but, I like knowing that I’m actually doing something. I feel productive as a member of society and not some bum by choice. I mean, I’m sure there a lot of people in less fortunate situations that would LOVE to have the opportunity to get their life straight and back on their feet.
But one normal human activity I was actually able to do, once I was able to rotate both my arms more then 45 degrees, was I was able to get caffeinated drinks!!
Or atleast, my soy chai latte. 🙂

But having a bright red cast walking in, you either get people that just stare at you and forget to ask you for your order or just ask stupid questions. It’s quite upsetting but funny. In the back of my head I’m thinking about how long these individuals have lived under a rock or if it’s that they really hate their job that much.

Like, I’ll order multiple drinks then wait for a long time to be welcomed by 3-4 yummy drinks. But I have to go through the trouble and ask, “May I please have a carrier?” to the barista.

(stares) Why?

lifts arm with bright red cast and waves it Because it would be a little difficult to carry all these drinks with only one hand no? smiles

(looks away realizing the stupid question that had just left his mouth and hands me the carrier without looking at me)

Thank you 🙂

Like… it wasn’t event that busy. Damn. It’s truly how funny to see how much people really don’t care. Now I’m not saying all baristas are like this but this has happened at multiple stores and it tends to get on my nerves when all I want is a nice drink as a treat to myself for surviving a car accident.
[I’ll write about my experience but I actually got quick upset and made a Yelp review on the ER and the “superb service” supposed given to all their “valued patients”… my ass]


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