I’m finally free from the shackles of a pinata paper mache cast. It is so relieving to not a walking hazard sign anymore. I mean, it’s amazing and amusing to watch peoples’ expressions give someone in a cast.

1. ” Sad Puppy”

These people treat me as if I’m a hurt puppy and try to baby when they don’t even know me. I mean, I get it if you wanna open the door or something but please do not come over to me and try to push my shopping cart as I am trying to get my damn groceries. -.-  Ain’t no puppy in this damn world that will like being taken treated as a piece of fine china. 

2. “Wonder Eyes”

These people look at me with ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ as if they’ve never seen anyone in a cast.. or anyone that’s gotten injured to the point that a band-aid can’t fix the “boo-boo”. I feel like these people have been sheltered most of their lives and can’t seem to grasp much about how the real world works. Mama aint going to live forever and I think a part of them is in self denial.

3. ” Sr Sarcasm “

These people mix a huge amount of sarcasm and act like a combination of ” sad puppy” and “wonder eyed” people. Please don’t act like an ass to me when you’re “trying to help me out” and please stop trying to touch me. The cast is not a magic genie bottle that’ll grant you any wishes (except you’ll wish that you had never tried so adamantly to touch the cast). It’s weird. It’s not okay. Period. They also ask a lot of stupid questions like 

Example :


Me : Car accident

Person : Oh, so, they hit you?

Me: … Yes

Person: were you out running or something?

Me: … … … What?

Person: You know, like you were working out and some person hit you with their car?

Me: { ### I’m so irratated } You know, if I was hit by a car while I was supposedly running, how is it that I no longer have a car, I was in an ambulance, had both of my arms restricted ( one was in a sling, the other in a cast ) and sitting in front you because wanted to see me…?

Person: Oh… right…

Me: smiles (Ain’t nobody got time for your stupid sarcastic shit) 



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