Hotels and Straws

So my mama came over to help me with the paper work regarding my new apartment.

It’s not fun having my mother fly from LA to Sacramento.

My current apartment is currently half blacked out and my roommates refuse to acknowledge that the apartment is like an icebox. My mother was shivering as if we dropped her into a snow storm in New York or Chicago. 

The once cream fuzzy carpet is stained with charcoal scuffs and worn down as if a stampede had ran through it. 

The once clean kitchen counters are polluted with grease stains as the sink is over filled with weeks old worth of dish water and dirty dishes. 

My mother could only shake her said

They is going to be a walk around Friday so guess what I get to do?!

That’s right, scrub the living hell outta the carpets to makes sure there were no stains. 

My roommates fortunately cleaned the counters and sink after my mother made sure to point out that these lazy bums had to keep the apartment as a home because they do not own the damn place and its my mom’s ass and my ass that’s on the line because these ungrateful children decided to take their sweet time getting their parents to sign guarantor forms. 

I mean, really, its like living somewhere isn’t important at all to them. They have the nerve to get angry and annoyed with me when if it wasn’t for me helping them get an apartment they’ve been on their own? Deal with the dorms on campus again? Then what? 

I guess I should have just left these girls alone. They aren’t ready to be responsible. They don’t really understand that when something needs to get done, it should have been done yesterday. It’s hard. 

I’m not even really that angry anymore. I’m just frustrated. 

I’m frustrated that people still aren’t with the program. That these 20 year old still live in a false reality that they can legally considered ‘adults’ but they forget the responsibilities associated with being an ‘adult’. 

I’m frustrated that I’m putting my own mother through this when she trusted me to get all of these things done after she graciously co-signed for this apartment. 

I’m frustrated that a lot of people are so lazy and apathetic to other people. 

Where did the empathy go? Is it just with artists nowadays? Is empathy only a trait that individuals that are actively involved in the arts or humanities granted with? 

I don’t know. 

My move out date is the 30th but because these children STILL have not turned in their forms, I’m still responsible for the damn apartment. And the messed up part was, the management told me that the two girls were cleared to transfer the lease to a one bedroom. They told me that I was okay to move out by the 30th. But now they switch the book and say they didn’t say any of this. 

They keep telling me that I have to find a way to communicate with my roommates. 

I’d love to slap that smug rude look on some of these consultants faces because it’s like they don’t want to deal with an actual problem. They were all happy-go-lucky to see me and give me my mail but now that they actually have to work, they see me as a fucking pest. 

I go to these leasing people because my roommates REFUSE to talk to me and tell me what the hell is going on. I work almost every night AND I am taking classes during my winter intersession while these girls are sleeping in til 10am. One of the girls ain’t even workin anymore and bullshitted my former roommate that she was only working for seasonal when she left Sacramento during the seasonal working term. Like, what kind of shit is that? Its disgusting how immature this girl is along with the fact that she pushes around my former roommate like she’s nothing. Maybe the fact that I don’t get along with this girl is because I don’t take shit from people. I got no time to be bullshitted. 

But the reality is that I’m going against 2 stubborn girls that really have nothing to lose unless I decide to sue them for other reasons and I have lawyer friends and paralegal family friends that would more and gladly help me out. 

This whole situation is just draining. I might as well live at a hotel for a month because it might be cheaper.

I have to move into my new apartment on Feb 6th. I start my spring classes on Jan 27th.

Hopefully this will be all done because I honestly can’t take this frustration anymore.


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