Why the claws ?! ; A;

I got my nails done!
It’s a love-hate relationship.
I love the clicky sound that my nails make in me when I type or tap on a hard surface.
I don’t know why I love it but it just makes me feel like a little kids and oddly makes me super happy.
The inner OCD/perfectionist in me will scrutinize the quality of the nails and god forbid that my french tips are disproportionate to my nail base but hey, that’s what nail polish is for right?

Anyways, when I was getting my nails done, and as of recently everywhere I go, I keep seeing girl with these giant ass claw looking things for nails!
How do you text with those things?!
LORD! I’ll be getting super frustrated that I can’t type like a machine and have to actually sit down, look at my damn screen, and slowly chicken peck at my touch screen hopin that spell check doesn’t predict something stupid.
I get a kick out of reading spell check mistakes but I don’t wanna be one of those people, especially since I talk shit with some of my friends and some of the things that are typed are just plain stupid.
There’s also the issue that the person on the other phone will think that your’e either illiterate today, drunk, hungover, or a child has taken your phone hostage and have gone rampant with it!



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