What I Learned from LIving with People

What learned from living/renting with other

1. Just because your previous roommate/dormmate was an AWESOME and RESPONSIBLE individual, it DOES NOT mean you should trust his/her judgement about people.

2. Never room with people that you’ve never hung out with for an extended amount of time, and watchin a movie or two don’t count.

3. Make sure they know what is needed of them

4. Make sure that they understand that you are no fucking push over

5. Make sure they know that shit will get real real quick

6. They need a job or need to respect that othe people have to actaully fend for themselves and don’t have the luxory to lounge around all day or go waste time w thier SO.

7. Their SO should know that they are not living in the complex and there are rules associated with coming over to an all female  apartment

8. Dear male SO, don’t walk around half naked. It’s rude, awkward, and some of us don’t wanna see your half naked body

9. Make sure you get all fucking receipts or just have all the bills under your fucking name so only one person is the main person that deals with the expenses. Dumb uneducated irresponsible broads still don’t understand why receipts are important. I mean, for God fucking sakes, we’re asked if we want a receipt for a $2 purchase at starbucks.

10. Make sure the dishes get clean within a week, and that’s all kinds of wrong.

11. Not all girls actually appreciate cleanliness

12. Not all girls understand that migraines fucking hurt

13. People will bullshit you with, “I have problems” or “I’m going through some stuff right now”. That doesn’t mean you can skimp on rent, bills, or do whatever the fuck you want. Bitch please, I got more than 99 problems and please believe I don’t need your stupid ass to be one of them.

14. Pay rent

15. Pay the bills

16. talk to management if something aint workin if and when no body else got time to do it for your lazy ass

17. Seriously, pay all our shit and get the complex straight

18. Don’t go IN my room if I did not give you pemission to do you. If you need to put something away or need to get something, wait until I am home or text me if it’s okay to go in my room. I do not care if I’ve known you since you were a munchican, if said not to go in my room, then don’t go in my mother fucking room

19. Don’t touch my shit. It’s not fun when you’re looking for documents are certain items and I have absolutely no idea where my shit is. Ever think that maybe I’m behind my schedule and if I’m looking for something important and took the step to leave it somewhere that would be easily accessible that I wouldn’t want you moving it?!

20. This is not high school

21. This aint like living at the dorms

22 Whether or 13 or 30, maturity will never come to those who choose to run away from responsibility, grow up, or get educated.

I’m about to move out of my current apartment. I love my roommate Aimee because she did nothing wrong and was unfortunately caught in a war between her “friend” and I. I tried. I really did. I tried so hard to get along with this chick. I did not ask much of her. I asked her for important documents required, which I made clear that needed to be turned in when we moved in, and show me basic bills so I know where the hell my hard earned mone is going,. I don’t get FAFSA. My parents aren’t happy that I don’t live with them. I am fending for my motherfucking damn self. I will never room when another person unless it’s my SO and even then I know he’d better be willing to budge or understand when I ask him to do something. The title of being my “significant other” does not allow any slack on responsibilities required.

At the end of the day, I was being myself and I trusted somebody’s judgement who has never done me any wrong.

I’m pretty sure I’ll add more to this list when I’m not fuming anymore.



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