Lip liner or lip stick?

Rimmel Pink Blush

lip liner
lip liner

Mabelline Lip Liner “Toast”

I love this liner because it’s the one of the only pencil lip liners that matches my natural lip color, isn’t stick, isn’t drying, and holds onto my lips like it’s life depended on it! I love that I don’t need to press stupid hard against my lips to get the amount of pigment from the liner and it longetivity/usage I get from this baby is amazing! I absolutely love it! I haven’t been able to find another one at my local drugstore but if I get desperate and don’t like any dupes that I find, I’ll order online XD

Rimmel “Pink Blush”

This lipstick reminds me a little bit of MAC pink nouveau except it doesn’t crease in my lips and doesn’t scream “I’VE BEEN INFLUENCED BY NICKI MANAJ AND I DON’T CARD DAMN IT!” Its super moisturizing but it doesn’t stay on my lips very long. I’ll try using a lip linear close to its color or a alittle lighter. It’s not sticky so I don’t get strings of saliva mixed with lipstick 🙂
Overall, I love the pigmentation that Rimmel lipsticks, and that of all their other products, give!


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