And she pulled out what?!

Okay, so I’m here chillin at Starbucks staring at my enrollment page praying to some sort of higher power that I’d be able to get my damn science class.
I cry so hard inside…
You gotta love college life wanting to knock out 2/3 of the imaginary students on the waitlist so that you can get your damn classes so that your school can suck your hard earned money and you can get your ass out of school and get a fulfilling career to laugh at all the fuckers that somehow took pleasure draggin your name through the mud out of jealously and are still stuck in school or drop out of college because they gave up on life.
Yes, I dislike pretentious, ignorant, “educated”, hypocritical individuals that think they’re the shit and think it’s okay to do whatever the fuck they want. Or gloat that they got an impacted course knowing that you spent hours waiting for that clock to read 12:00am on the day you enroll honey.
I swear smh.

But besides my tangent, I just saw a chick pull out one of those mini tabasco bottles here in Starbucks and I’m like… did she just do that?.. like really?

I was trying not to bust out laughing and trying to keep my jaw from droppin.
No hate for bringing that little bottle of orgasmically, food enhancing, bottle of flavor and love but damn! A Starbucks? I don’t know, I haven’t seen someone whip out a tabasco bottle since I left Georgia and even then girls would be putting that stuff on their food in a fast food place like McD’s or The Varsity.

Oh the good ol days of just stuffing purses with miscellaneous objects that you’d normally find in your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom…
I do that with my car. It’s shameful ya’ll >.>


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