Taste of Jamaica Restaurant and Sports Bar

Florin Rd
Sacramento, CA 95822
Neighborhood: Meadowview

(916) 414-8354


Like, oh my god. They give you greens, fried plantains, rice and peas, and like 5 tender morsals fo succulent, moist, chicken that just slips off the meat. Oh god, my mouth had a climax when I ate these babies when I got home. The greens were bomb too! It wasn’t overly greasy, something I worry about greens, or salty.
This Asian was a one happy baby.

Despite the fact that I had to drive in the dark and look out for this new place, it was so worth it! It’s right next to a Church’s Chicken but I can’t complain because Church’s Chicken is a bit too greasey for my taste. Plus I knew that getting some curry chicken in me was going to help me fight off the sniffles that have been plagueing me recently.

I also got the Jerk Chicken for a friend and it looked dry and only had like 3 small pieces and one had hardly any meat on it but my friend was lovin it. I’ll have to try it even though.

This place place sure got the island in em because right when I walked in I heard the Jamaican in the older gentleman at the table by the window. Customer service was nice being welcomed with a smile all the way til I left the resteraunt. I wouldn’t say it’s a Sports Bar but I didn’t get to explore it much. I’m usued to the stereotypical Sports Bar with an actual bar plan in sight with 3 TVS all on some sport. But hopefully this places starts getting more people in them.

Kicken Jerk Chicken

Bomb Curry Chicken3010


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