Waitressing in my environment

I’m Asian.

I’m mistaken for being a halfie due to my height and hair.

But I’m Asian.

I speak in slang because I grew up in Atlanta.

But I’m Asian

I’m a waitress at a Japanese Korean Restaurant.

My customer asked me with a wide-eye expression, “What are you?”

…. Well judging from the fact that I have a pair of arms, legs, ears, eyes, a mouth, a nose, hair on my head, a functioning body, an articulate vocabulary, the ability to run around like a headless chicken to take orders from 3-4 other tables and help clean up other waitress’s tables…. I’d say I’m human.  

“I’m Asian” 

“OH, well you don’t look like it. You certainly sound like one either saying ‘Ya’ll’ and ‘ain’t'” 

“I grew up in Atlanta, I got a little of Southern in me {insert cute “flirty” giggle here}

The man roars into laughter and says, “OH SHIT! THIS GURL IS FROM ATL” looks at his wife “TURN AROUND AND SHAKE IT LIKE A SALT SHAKER FOR ME HONEY!”

I busted out laughing and I’m pretty sure I made the kitchen staff jump because I have such a distinct laugh. My boss just looked up at me and shook his head with a smile. The wife was a good sport and actually added “You know what they say about em Georgians, They got those PEACHES.” 

“Gurl you better be gettin those Yams in ya”

At this point I’ve forgotten what I needed to ask the couple what they wanted to order. 

It was all bad ya’ll but I love it when I get customers like these guys because that’s what makes my job enjoyable. 

Waitressing takes someone with a sense of humour and patience and lord have mercy on the people that have neither of those.I feel like waitressing is like speed dating without the prospect of leaving the restaurant with a possible significant other. Whether it be that fliting is required or just being a genuinely interested individual, it makes a huge difference. I mean, I know I wouldn’t enjoy my meal if my server gives me a stink face or attitude the whole duration of my meal. 


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