Brazillian Big Wave

So I’m trying to grow out my hair or not abuse it anymore that I have already.

I wear extensions. I wear weaves too.

I’m not ashamed. I grew up in the South. I know the Dos and Don’ts of a weave.

My hair is naturally wavey too so it’s annoying when my roots grow straight then my hair waves out. I’ll sometimes perm my roots but my last perm killed my follicles and I was not a happy camper.

I’ve had a fair share of bad hair too but I really need to record my hair too.

I’ve had my current install in for about 2 weeks now and I’m regretting it partially because I used the same texture from two different vendors and it’s obvious which vendor had the better hair.

Source: Ebay

magicjewel2013 : Virgin Brazilian Big Wave Extension 16+18+20
These are no good. They’ve managed to matt up and tange like no other after my first co-wash. the 20” was super thin and sheds like crazy. The 16,18 were pretty thick bundles which was confusing. The curl pattern will come back after washing for maybe 2 hours or so but then will frizz up like a pissed tumble weed. It’s terrible ya’ll.
5A Virgin Brazilian Hair Extension Big Wave Size 14+16+18″
Same vendor, the hair was GREAT!! so i guess you just gotta look for the “5A” or something. It’s terrible because of how inconsistent the products are. Why would the vendor sell top notch hair and medicore hair. The strange part is that I bought the 5A grade hair for LESS!
Both shippments didnt smell at all which was AMAZING!
I haven’t been able to color the bundles yet since I’ll be taking out this install at the end of Jan because the tangling is getting ridiculous.

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