Impatience is a virtue…sometimes [ Hence belated post ]

It’s 8 am and I’ve been up since 5am yesterday morning.

My eyes and brain are screaming at me to go take a nap but I can’t seem to let myself. I’m in the midst of the horrible, yet vital battle with myself, my peers, and the obnoxious school system.

Yes, I’m eagarly watching the clock to register for my Spring 14 classes and I gotta say, this war gets more and more painful by the year. As if it wasn’t already stressful enough maintaining jobs, study habits ( or the reminents of what’s left ), and trying to stay calm for finals. OH! and I’m fighting a nasty cold/bug/thing that’s been plagueing me and causing me to see weirdly colored and splattered dots from time to time when I close my eyes for more then 60 seconds.

I don’t know why it gets harder to just survive in college. I mean, technically some of us murdered ourselves to be  “well-rounded individuals” to get accepted to college period. I mean, a simple essay elaborating and illustrating how much of a “well rounded individual” we already are without actual documentation isn’t enough for the administrative staff who really couldn’t care less how many hours you spent at an animal shelter or the fact that you were the president of a club or a few. Again, we’re kissing the asses of individauls that put in minimal work for their minimal wages.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to be active in the community.Nothings wrong with that. In fact, I wish more people were involved in thier communities so that we didn’t see little children clinging onto whatever warmth they can here in Sacramento in 25 degrees. Yes. There are still little munchicans out here that are FIGHTING to survive in 25 degrees. I mean, it’s already saddening that I see some homeless individuals wandering around themselves, especially since it’s the holiday season.

Even though “Patience is a Virtue” I think the proverb should be “Impatience is a Virtue”

I mean, we can wait and wait and wait but nothing will happen until we, the individuals who actually reside in the communities affected by the “higher ups”, step up and actively LIVE in our communities. There’s something to be said if you say that you have a HOUSE and a HOME in an area. Something materistic verse meaningful. From the education system and “standards” for ourselves to the quality of life we as human beings are supposedly responsible to maintain. Why is it that I, a college student, have to fight my own instituation’s administration to do their job right? Why do I have to fight to get my classes when I pay an obnoxious amount of money for my tuition to “receieve an education” that is monitored by a handful of apathetic “staff”. Why is it that we have children, the future of our nation and the world, have to struggle so hard at a young age? Forget about character development. Starving and fighting the cold are obstacles that a child, who cannot support him/herself, should have to endure. Children aren’t born into this world expecting to live a “hard life”. They don’t expect to live a life filled with chaos after fighting to just breathe once they are brought into this world.

I’m sure I’ll blog about the topic of community and social progression in another post but the way I feel and how life is progessing as of right now it ridiculous.

I’m tired of “waiting” for admissions to get their shit together.

I’m tired of people trying to shove a “positive” or “Christian” cause in my face when they’re wearing new cloths. When these individuals look warm and comfortable. Individuals who think they’re slick and think they can gossip and talk about “their problems”  when they’re shot down and completely forget why they are trying to “persuade” others to join a common cause.

**I have nothing against Christians or any individuals that practice a religion. But due to the nature of Christmas and the massive Christian assocaition the holiday has, I made it a point to label some humanitarian causes as “Christian:.


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