Natures glitter

After 8 hours of driving from Riverside to Vegas to finally Uthah, the family and I finally got to relax and gaze at the lightly powderer ridges of the bryce canyon and all the other neighboring formations around it. I lost coyld gow many of canyons or regions we visited but I garuntee it wad worth it ! My ass was covered with snow thanks to my little munchican and her urges to throw giant globs of snow at me.
Being in Sacramento, its hard to find time to appreciate trips like these. The bright tangerine and cream painted canvas sculpted by the wind just made me super relaxed inside. I mean, I think its tye trips like these that inspire me when I try putting lookbooks together in attempts to get a styling job or to motivate me to hurry up and graduate so that I can go on more trips like these.
I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas adventure. I always enjoy photostalking on tumblr or instagram just to see where everyone has gone for the holidays.






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