This Be Cassie

So, because I’m a afraid of actually torturing my hair anymore than I have already, I’ve resorted to putting in wigs and extenstions.
Plus, it’s cold so this is a nice way to change my look and keep my big ‘ol head warm for a couple of months.
I’ve actually been blonde before but that killed my hair and it’s high maintance to keep up the color.

This is Cassie! I found this baddie at my local beauty store and I LOVED HER like cupid struck me with a hundred arrows and roses!
I normally don’t go for “normal” wigs because they ironically look fake on me.
She’s got a tapered back and the left side has flowy, casading dirty soft blonde curls while the other side is a sleek jet black cut.
It’s edgy, sexy, and a little diva-ish.
The cap is comfortable with some adjustable straps and a comb to help lock the wig into place.

I’m going to try to get more detailed with my wig reviews but since this is my first one and I can’t get enough of this wig, I can’t help but say that I am, indeed, raving about this hair!

Normally I’ll upload pics from my phone but my phone has died and I’m waiting for FEDEX to hurry up and bring me my baby.



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