News Flash… Harvard Students Cheat, Too

So true.


Last week, Harvard University’s campus newspaper published a summary of a survey administered to the incoming first-year class, the results of which included shocking statistics about the freshman at America’s most prestigious institution of higher education. “Ten percent of respondents,” the Harvard Crimson reported, “admitted to having cheated on an exam, and 17 percent said they had cheated on a paper or a take-home assignment. An even greater percentage—42 percent—admitted to cheating on a homework assignment or problem set.”

This comes a year after half of the 250-person class in government at Harvard was accused of cheating on the take-home final. That scandal was almost immediately followed by one in which the administration, while scrounging for evidence on who had leaked the story to the press, secretly searched the e-mail accounts of more than a dozen resident deans.

(MOREThe Problem with Prize Culture)


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