Sheep, Reactions, and Satires: The Beginning

Blobs of epileptic ( epilepsy-causing) dressed sisters and macho (better word?) brothers occupied every inch of the path that ran down the middle of the campus. Handmade wooden stands, psychedelic colored flyers, and eccentric (weird) methods in order to attempt the lost sheep into a “sisterhood” or “brotherhood”  seemed to never end as I tried to get to my first day of classes.

I personally don’t have anything against the idea of a sorority or fraternity, but I do have a vendetta (problem?) with the concept that you have to pay to be included in a social group and knowing that a member is also paying to subject him/herself to some sort of initiation process that will most likely lead to many dazed nights and sore mornings. These organizations do open up a lot of doors to the “real world” in terms of members are able to create connections and relationships with professionals easily and they are forced to maximize their social skills.

I started taking college courses around my sophomore or junior year of high school ( yes, I’m a geek and sue me for being able to get As while half-assing my work and sleeping in some of my classes). I look back to what kind of student I was when I was Georgian student and compare how I was a Californian student. Granted, being a Georgian student seems like nothing compared to being a Californian student but, my work ethics and mentality towards the types of people going to school and to “succeed” in school haven’t really changed.

There are two types of people, in my opinion, at any academic institute: those that ARE at school and those who GO to school.

The only real differences I could recognize, thus far, are that there is a lot more physical work that needs to be complete without being BSed (completely) and my peers don’t purely consists of individuals my age. I can’t guarantee that these younger or older individuals will have the same emotional maturity though. I mean, I see “adults” cozying up with a professor rather than asking questions in regards to the material. (Just complimenting a professor on his shirt and not asking questions about an assignment or lecture doesn’t exactly help develop an interest in that person if I was the professor).

Anyone can kiss another person’s ass to high heaven. However, the person’s ass whose being kissed is going to recognize either the ass kisser is a genuinely, nice person or, well, just a plain ass kisser that just wants to butter the other person up because they think in doing so, the ass kisser will get a better grade or an “upper hand” in whatever course.  ( that’s a lot of ass ) This is especially true when students are frantically cramming themselves into whatever space they can squeeze themselves into during the first week of school in attempts to crash a course. I’m guilty of this but I’ve only tried crashing courses that I know will relieve me of all my brain pounding classes ( for me it’s any history course or hard sciences like Chemistry) ; there is only so much book knowledge one Asian can handle and I don’t care if anyone says anything differently. Just because I’m Asian, it doesn’t mean I have an infinite amount of space within my noggin to absorb however much information I please. I honestly wish I could sometimes; it would make my life SO much easier.

My professors so far a quite the characters and I think either I’ll have to be so sleep deprived that I can’t function past my limit or my brain has already been murdered in order for me NOT to enjoy some of my classes. My chemistry teacher is such a happy-go-lucky guy and he DRAWS in lecture; so, no more stupid power points to strain my framed eyes and no more dry, monotone voice to pass through my ears. My satire teacher is probably one of the most profane instructors I’ve had since my Anthropology teacher and my first semester’s Chemistry teacher.  I’m so glad I chose to take a night class because this class actually keeps me awake even if I have to read strangely worded literature ( gotta love Shakespeare and other poets of his time).

It’s only the first week of school so I’m sure there’s more the be experienced and I can assure myself that I’m less likely to pull my hair out this year because I’m not going to die of boredom at school.


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