And the Belated Journey Begins.


My roomies and I finally finished moving into our apartment, unpacking our things, and prepping for school. I think I’m the only one that’s ready for school but I think Aimee ( my former dorm roomie) is too. Aimee groans when she hears me get up at around 5:30-6am, proceeds to cover her tiny head with as many covers as possible, and pretends to be in a deep slumber. The thing is, I’m not a loud morning person, I think it’s because Aimee just knows when it’s me getting up and not our other roomie. I guess that’s what living with a former stranger in a small space devoid of personal privacy does to a person, you become so accustomed to that person that you just instinctually know how they are.  The funny thing is, once I start brewing the water for my tea of the morning ( yes, I love my tea so don’t hate… sometimes coffee too but black ), Aimee somehow slowly emerges from her mountain of covers and waddles her way into the kitchen to inspect what I’m doing. She’s used to me making dinner so waking up in an apartment together where we don’t have an open access to dining hall to get our breakfast seems to make her want to leave her bed.

She and a couple of other friends have called me the Mom of the group. I think it’s because I was raised in a Southern environment, no pun intended, and whole Southern hospitality mentality is engraved in me.  I like knowing things that things are planned out and/or completed when I want them to be so there is no rushing of any sort.  The fridge is stuffed with noms. Appliances are clean and functional. Maintenance of any sort is in order ( gas, electric, water, cable, ect..). I mean, I’m going to be living here for however long the lease states so I might as well live as comfortably I can. I know Aimee knows I’m a bit OCD in terms of getting things done so when I do ask her to do something she usually comply. Our other roomie on the other hand, is another story.

We’ve only been living together for barely a week and I’m already having to TELL her what to do. Why is it that I need to tell a 20 year old to get things done that should’ve been done already? I have to tell and pester her to get the electricity on for the apartment before move in date, reimburse the expenses thus far since I still need to buy more textbooks and school supplies, and now, it’s the battle to get internet for the apartment. Right now, I feel like a mom. Even better, I feel like I’m nagging and I despise that feeling.

 I don’t like being on someone’s case, I don’t like chasing people, and I don’t like begging.

It’s frustrating that I’m having to do all three this early with someone but I know my patience is going to wane thin. I have a stupidly high tolerance for people that a) I’m in a relationship with and b) that I work with professionally/academically. I don’t have a high tolerance for people that will disregard people close to me and jeopardize my success because of their laziness and irresponsibility.

Speaking of professional relationships, I’ve been spamming places with my resume’s and job applications. I was thinking of waitressing at IHOPs because I’m a functional morning person and I’m quick on my feet. I’ve tried other “fast food” restaurants but we’ll see as a couple of weeks go by. I’ve tried retail stores but I’ve gotten no luck and office jobs seem to be scarce ( I can makes copies and schedule your day !)


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