Shakin up this crazy placed home

Ohh well this feels nice… A little bit to the left… A little more…. Right…There.. ahhh

Wait a minute… No one touches my head unless I’m cuddling with someone, what is going on?!

The early sun’s rays slowly penetrate my eyes and the rays of light and patches of black fur synthesis the image of my friend’s roomie’s cat, Jackson, massaging my head at 5am. His soothing pur breaks the silence that occupies the empty apartment. 

My girl friend went back down with her boyfriend to So Cal for the labor day weekend and her roomie lives somewhere around here in Nor Cal so she went home as well. They gave me the wonderful privilege of taking care of their two babies while they were gone.

I’ve woken to a cat next to me, on my stomach, on my legs, a my feet, and next to my head but never to a cat kneading my head as if it was a mission to thoroughly knead my head. I think Jackson appreciated the fact that I he gave me a mini morning orgasm. I don’t know about some people but getting your head massaged, especially after a stressful week and the unforeseen events to come, gives me this euphoric pleasure. I swear I was some sort of animal in my past time or something. 

Today was move in day! 

My two two other roomies were just arriving from their long ass drive from LA to our new home. I’m so glad I don’t have to make that drive again anytime soon. One of my roomies was my dorm mate from last year and it was out of shear luck how we met each other. The girl I was supposed to room with was this Filipino chick with everything visibly pierced. Her little prospective roommate blurb seemed okay until I Facebooked her ( when I did have a Facebook ) and long behold this chick’s face, plus tongue, was pierced; her eyebrows, monroe, both ears glittering with the multitude of studs, and her nose were all pierced. The only reason I facebooked her was to be friendly and “friend request” her. The whole concept of shooting a button that basically asks a stranger to be friends with you still eludes me. I think one of her photos it showed her wear a very sheer tank and something shiny was protruding from her breast area. Needless to say that that photo basically deterred me from furthering my investigation. Thankfully she switched out last minute and I had the pleasure of living with Aimee in the wonderful 20×20 space for a whole academic year. 

Life Lesson : If you can live with a complete stranger in that small of a space and know full well that you’re going to see each other naked and live with however they deal with their PMS, I think you can do anything. ( I think the whole nudity part of this statement doesn’t really relate to me because I’m Korean and we go to bath houses where women really couldn’t give a damn and walk around as if clothing never existed) 

Life Lesson: Craiglist the hell out of every piece of furniture you want ! Make sure you email the seller, establish a time, date, and location, AND THEN exchange numbers.

I got lucky today and scored a futon + frame, 3 tables, and 4 chairs all for about 300. Not bad I think seeing as the seller got his friends to help me move everything to my apartment complex! I was like, I must hug you because you are just THAT amazing!! I think they expected me to instruct them to carry the furniture upstairs but I knew they were on their own schedule and they were ravishing so I just told them they could leave the things on the street in front of our building. They looked like I was crazy for suggesting such a thing, it made me giggle honestly. I guess people up here aren’t really considerate of the peoples’ plans and agendas. 

it’s about 9:30pm and I’m finally back at my friend’s apartment to stay home with the babies. I wish I could adopt kittens of my own but I have to talk to the roomies. I used to have a blue nose pit but our complex does not allow them 😦

Aimee and I are basically on the same page on just about everything but the other girl, Aimee’s high school senior, is a completely story. Why is it that I have to nag a 20 year to get her shit together and tell me if something is giving her trouble? Like, she was late, didn’t have any of her things packed from her old apartment, and left her old roomie’s stuff there because she rode up in a sedan with her parentals. I mean, she knew we were moving today so why were all these considerations not accounted for? I was on the verge of pulling out my hair out because we had to rush to her old apartment and get our stuff we left there to hibernate over the summer. ( at first she didn’t give us a time as to by when the things had to be out of the complex and changes the time twice -.-)

I’m just glad all the necessary furniture is inside our new home now. Tomorrow I get to scrutinize the apartment for the maintenance guy to tinker with just as the AC because I know that thing isn’t working as well as it should be ! ( the thermostat read 95 F) 

My fortune cookie from dinner cheered me up though! I think the universe is watching out for me 🙂


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