Pizza, cupcakes, and carrots

Counting down the days until my semester begins becomes a very painful endeavor.

Yes the summer time is a wonderful time to  venture and explore my interesting Nor Cal home but there’s only so much you can do in scorching dry heat. I came from Georgia where humidity reigned king and the slightest breeze became our savior. Plus, I would know that, at sometime during the day, there was going to be rain. 

In my brain (then and now) : Rain=relief from heat=puddles=jumping in puddles= getting wet= relaxing= going inside to shower, make something warm, and snuggle with a good book or movie. 

THAT, my friends, is a wonderful time. 

But speaking of snuggling, warm noms, and a good movie, me and my girlfriend decided to walk down memory lane and watch the Jimmy Neutron Movie from back in the day. I’m a geek I know but no shame in enjoying something that once made you happy right?

So being the college girls we are, we got our left over pizza from our Mamma Mia movie night, cupcakes, and carrots. I’m the health nut out of the two of us, but we all know we gotta have our cheat days. I know that once school starts I’m going to go back to my old routine of starting my day at 5am. I can’t guarantee what time my day is “done” for the day but it sometimes includes when the moon becomes my sun and/or when you hear “adults” proclaiming their love for alcohol and miscellaneous drugs. 

I love my area can’t you tell? It’s entertaining to me to just listen to some of the things that escape other peoples’ mouths. 

I sometimes wonder if they too would watch an old childhood movie just for the sake of memories or if they’d ridicule those of us that enjoy reliving our memories. Like, are they ashamed of the childhood? Are they embarrassed to revisit activities that once dominated weeks of conversations between peers back in the day. 

A nice juxtaposition to Jimmy Neutron is The Grey.

We watch something somewhat light hearted with the inherent cues that women were the “dads” of the day and children of the future became exceedingly clever while maintaining a sort of innocence about them  to a movie of perseverance, wilderness, strength, and suspense. All the while we are munching away at pizza, cupcakes, and carrots. 

I wonder if I’ll still be able to enjoy spending long afternoons watching movies, attempting to maintain a calorie deficit while eating unhealthy food, and trying not to analyze everything around me but enjoy the moment.

Image ImageImage


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