Reminisce with these stars with Gizmo

I finally got out of the motel I was staying at for the past couple of days. I can finally listen to the crickets sweetly chirping. I’m able to sit in the welcoming silence  and sink into my racing thoughts. I can even get to peacefully listen to some old rnb that soothes my tired, tense, aching muscles and mind. 

Releasing my soul. 

It’s been hectic these last couple of days in terms of the multitude of things I needed to do. Mountains of papers and emails to complete. A beeline of phones calls to be made or returned. Juggling the role of sister, daughter, and caretaker. It used to also being a girlfriend but that’s ambiguous at the moment. More to unveil from the emotional barf that had ensued before this blog was even created or thought of. 

I’m laying here on my friend futon couch mattress thing. It’s oddly comfy. My blonde dorkasaurus and I are finally able to catch up. High school buds through a mutual friend and been together ever since. Our random escapades create provocative memories and ceases to make us laugh when we reminisce about them. 

Upon opening the door to my temporary home, I am welcome by a some what annoyed cry. I knew my friend had just gotten a kitten but I wasn’t sure what his personality was like. I should’ve known he’d pick the most talkative kitten she could find in the shelter. Her new baby cried and cried until she opened up the bathroom door to let him out because his mommy was home. I puff of sanday orange, tiger striped ball of cuteness emerged. His hazel Puss-and-Boots-like eye cautiously examined the new human in front of him. I usually smell like Korean food or some sort of fruit so it must’ve been an interesting encounter for him. 

Hopefully my week here at my friend’s won’t be too long since I don’t want to be a bother to her. Plus, I know while I’m here she’s going to try to get me to adopt a kitten even I’m still spamming employers with my resume’ to hire me. 



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