Mini caffeine addicts

‘Yo! what’s that drink with the whip cream and it has coffee in it but not really?!’

Gotta love having a teenage sibling.

Make that a female teenage sibling. 

Wonderfully hormonally raged with her sporadic mood swings. She’ll be laughing her heart out one minute, crying til her eyes are pink and swollen, and, usually, angry as a bull charging towards a matador. 

Well it’s one of those days when she demands someone help her fulfill her current craving(s). Recently it has been Starbucks. 

I really don’t like going to Starbucks often unless I know the baristas aren’t going to be complete butt heads when I order something. I mean, why must I state that I want a “grande latte” or a “venti iced tea” that is either overly sweetened by some weird syrup in a clear plastic bottle or unsweetened. Why can’t I just say the generic size names such as: small, medium, or large? Like, damn, you know which Starbucks assigned term correlates with the generic term. Isn’t it much easier to just get my order and not ask me to repeat my answer until I say the stupid Starbucks word? 

I am simply there to buy a drink. All the barista has to do is take my order, take my money, give me change if necessary, make my beverage(s), and give it/them to me so that I can go on with the rest of my day. 

But I know that not all Starbucks employees are difficult people. 

Anywho, my munchkin has been on this caffeine rampage for a good month or so. I don’t know she can take all that caffeine + sugar. Maybe it’s because I’m one of those odd balls that falls asleep after drinking caffeine unless I overload myself and I wasn’t born with a mouth meant to be in a Willy Wonka Factory. 

I think she gets Starbucks because it’s the “cool thing to do” nowadays. It’s a drink. I could probably google the recipe and make it at home. Actually I’ve made the green tea frapp and latte at home with LESS sugar. But my lil sister is one of those kids that has to be “popular” or do whatever is “in”. She honestly confuses me. It’s funny because even though I wasn’t the “popular” kid when middle school, people generally liked me and would usually invite me to parties or events and what not. 

I mean, how is drinking 20oz of sugar and caffeine several times a day deemed “cool”? It seems unhealthy to me. I keep telling her teeth or going to fall out and she’ll have to deal with acne more since that sugar isn’t good for the body period. 

Her response

“Meh” and continues to proceed to get her 3rd drink of the day. 

I love her but jesus why. 


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