My brown cardboard life


Well it’s the beginning of a new beginning. Summer is coming to an end and, once again, I have the pleasure of packing all my clothes, books, and miscellaneous trinkets (like random pandas and rubber hammers) and figure out how I’m going to fit everything into my car.

400 miles

400 long miles.

400 Los Angeles traffic plagued, dry heat induced, mind numbing miles.

I am actually excited for school to start again. It’s mentally draining to have nothing really stimulating to do during the summer. Sure, LA is full-filled but after living in the city and not being with your not-so-sure boyfriend, it’s hard to enjoy anything really or there’s really nothing to distract from the emotional and mental chaos ensued upon by daily life’s drama. I guess it was a smart but dumb move moving to Sacramento only because it’s so far away and has extremely bipolar weather but, it reminds me when I was living in Georgia when I was a little girl. I actually get to see SEASONS!!  That’s right, colors metamorphosized, temperatures skyrocketing or plummeting, and a whole smorcetsport of animals that cease to entertain and delight me. (I actually get to see deer again!)

I managed to nab an apartment and am going to be living with my first-year roomie  and her high school friend in our wonderful 2×1 home. Hopefully we don’t become like those hoarders on TLC. I prefer not to get buried underneath inanimate objects, or anything period unless its hugs. I love hugs. And blankets. And Pillows. ok. Maybe I am okay with being temporarily buried underneath soft, mostly-non-harmful objects or actions. 

I’m curious to know, even though this is my first actual blogging post, what were others moving experiences were like. It could be moving into the dorms, a house, or apartment. Alone or with a bunch of similar minded goofs. 




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